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Welcome to Cline Construction Group

Our Group of professionals cultivates an open network of communication including the Owner and Architect.  This approach fosters open and honest cooperation and professionalism, which leads to a quality “on time” and “within budget” project.

Knowing and understanding the client’s needs and objectives requires constant communication.  Exchanging information is the initial, critical catalyst to a project’s successful completion.  CCG’s approach provides the constant attention required to achieve success.  By combining our experience, knowledge and people with our client’s project vision, we build trusted partnerships attuned to create successful projects and long term relationships.

Our Group approach to a successful project is:

  1. Organize the team
  2. Solicit communication and input from the Owner
  3. Develop clear expectations, budget and schedule
  4. Organize quality controls
  5. Communicate progress to Owner regularly
  6. Deliver “on time” and “within budget”

Our Group members continually monitor planning, scheduling and regular reviews to complete projects successfully.  Coordinating input from multiple team members develops a number of techniques to ensure all projects meet time and budgetary constraints.  Keeping the Owner informed with the most current cost information is essential.  We will work with you to evaluate and recommend the most appropriate design and construction alternatives for your budget.

Management is the key of any project’s overall efficiency in completion of the work.  Before the project begins, the roles and responsibilities of each Group member are clearly defined.  Our Group consists of individuals that specialize in all phases of construction.  These professionals work together from the start to ensure no critical communication and information is lost. 

Cline Construction Group has quickly established a presence in the intensely competitive general contracting arena; however, our goal remains the same today as when we began.  We strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.  Cline Construction Group wants to ensure we enjoy the benefit of repeat business.  We encourage our clients to expect the highest level of professionalism and quality from us.  This expectation will be met.

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